Created in 2004 in Paris by Augusto Contento and Giancarlo Grande, Cineparallax (Cineparalleli Hobo Shibumi) is an independent film production company. Over the past decade it has produced 11 feature-length documentaries awarded and selected at major film festivals around the world, recognized by main institutions such as UNESCO, the United Nations High Commissioner, Italian, French, Brazilian, American Governments.

Cineparallax specialized in international co-productions, working with Italian, Brazilian, German, American co- producers, Regional and National Funds and Tax Credits and Tax Rebates. For Cineparallax, independence does not only mean producing niche products, or being a company far from the so-called majors. It means do not follow the conformists standards of TVs. It means developing cinematographic languages ​​that create an alternative vision of reality. For Cineparallax authentic cinema should not legitimize the mindset of a ruling system, the power of fashion: it must create "visions" and awake the imagination of the audience.


2016 Shadowgram

2016 La Stella Oltre il Mulino

2015 Lady l’Eau

2013 Rosso cenere

2012 Parallax Sounds

2011 Journal de Bord d'un bateau fantôme

2008 Strade d’acqua

2008 Tramas

2008 Strade trasparenti

2007 Onibus



191 rue du fb Poissonnière

75009, Paris, France