Created in 2004 in Paris by Augusto Contento and Giancarlo Grande, Cineparallax (Cineparalleli Hobo Shibumi) is an independent film company. Over the past decade he has produced 11 feature-length documentaries awarded and selected at festivals around the world, garnering awards from Institutional UNESCO, the United Nations High Commissioner, State Italian, French, American. Cineparallax has made numerous international co-productions, working in Italy, Brazil, Germany, Ethiopia, France and the United States.

In 2006, his first film, Onibus, is named best documentary at the Italian Festival in Bellaria.

In 2008, Tramas won the tender 35mm Ile de France, Paris, and is considered by the critic Morando Morandini on his Dictionary of Cinema one of the 10 best Italian films of the year. Roads transparent ( in the same year he was selected in Locarno, Denver and Buenos Aires Film Festival.

In 2011 Roads is made of water a journey into the Amazon region to discover what it means to water management in the largest aquifer in the world's fresh. The thematic and stylistic approach attracted the attention of UNESCO - Inernational Hydrological Program, the City of Paris, the Fondation Danielle Mitterrand and other international institutions. In 2012 Roads water it receives sponsored World Heritage Site and is distributed in 193 countries affiliated to the International Organization (UNESCO - Streets of water) after opening the documentary section of the International Festival of Rome as a guest of honor at bringing Rome Madame Danielle Mitterrand.

Parallax Sounds in 2012 he won the Special Jury Mention UCCA Best Documentary at the 30th Torino Film Festival. The film will be released theatrically in Germany in 10 cities in 2014. The following year the new documentary Red Ash is selected at Locarno International Film Festival and distributed internationally by the Coproduction Office. The documentary follows, Shadowgram, a trip to the ghetto biggest and most dangerous of the US to show how alive the African American community of Chicago's South Side is included in the program Slaves Routes of UNESCO and become a symbol of the works of the Decade 2015-2025 the descendants of Africans in the world, the program launched by Ban Ki-Moon in December 2014 at the United Nations in coordination with the High Commissioner of Human Rights of the United Nations.

In September 2015 Cineparallax is contacted UNESCO to make a documentary for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the International Hydrological Program, projected during COP21, global forum on climate change, in Paris. In 2016 Cineparallax will be involved, always on behalf of UNESCO, in a double documentary project sull'Ecoidrologia in Ethiopia and Poland.

Cineparallax for independence does not mean being only a niche product, a company far from the logic of the so-called majors. It means do not meet the standards of TV conformists. Develop cinematographic languages ​​that create an alternative vision of reality. For Cineparallax authentic cinema should not legitimize the mindset of a ruling system, the power of fashion: it must create "visions" and awaken the imagination of the audience.



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